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Soy meditation candle – Cashmere

120 ml

A soy candle, hand-made from natural soy wax, will help you relax and surround you with a pleasant fragrance during long Gong Fu Cha sessions or meditation.

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Soy meditation candle – Cashmere

Meditation, yoga, and lifestyle are the relationship between body, soul and mind. Anyone who has tried meditation knows that it is difficult to get into a state of calm and concentration. The mind is easily confused, and sometimes we even fall asleep. Did you know that Buddhist monks discovered that drinking tea affects centres in the brain to make it easy to relax and focus on meditation?

How about adding a little wrap to your meditation sessions and helping your body relax even more? A soy meditation candle, handcrafted from natural and ecological, 100% soy wax by Ola in her local manufacture in Szczecin will help you with this.

Burning time: approx. 25 hours

Fragrance: Cashmere.



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