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Honey Orchid Oolong Tea

25 g

You can serve it with cake on a lazy afternoon. The tartness and delicate bitterness of this Dan Cong oolong tea will enhance the taste of the homemade plum yeast cake.

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Honey Orchid Oolong Tea

This Legendary tea is made in the ancient Phoenix village in Guang Dong province. This is one of the most famous Dan Cong (Honey Orchid) oolong teas with a blissful orchid fragrance. The leaves of this species are collected from 50-year-old bushes on Feng Huang Mountain. Oxidation of the green leaves takes place up to about 70%, with the final, dark colour being caused by roasting over glowing bamboo coals, repeated twice. Brewing the “Honey Orchid” oolong tea at the right temperature will bring out its complex, fruity and floral aroma. This tea is known for its unique and rich taste of ripe summer fruit with a warm honey aroma.


Season: 2021
Type: Oolong
Style: Dan Cong
Origin: Feng Huang Mount, Guang Dong, China

Brewing in Tea Pot 250 ml:

Amount: 4 g

Temperature: 85°C

Czas parzenia: 2 min 30 s
(increase every next stepping time for 1 min)

Brewing in Gaiwan 100 ml:

Amount: 5 g

Temperature: 87°C

Brewing time: 30 s
(increase every next stepping time for 15 s)


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