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Flower Goddess Oolong Tea

50 g

Let yourself be seduced by the elegant, sweet and spring-smelling Flower Goddess. This Tie Guan Yin style oolong tea is perfect as an accompaniment to the cake or for Grandma’s Sunday afternoon tea.

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Flower Goddess Oolong Tea

Our Tieguanyin oolong tea (or Tie Guan Yin, also known as Iron Goddess of Mercy or Iron Buddha) is handmade by Master Lin in Quanzhou in Anxi on his ecologically sustainable farm. Leaves are spread out in the sun to stimulate the natural sweetness. The variety from which the “Flower Goddess” is produced is characterized by light green, hand-rolled pellets with a wonderfully tart and crunchy fruit smell. The hybrid type of Golden Yin and Tieguanyin bushes combines the characteristic, extremely floral aroma of tea with an unusual, slightly cookie-like aftertaste. The extended production process allows the extraction of a slightly acidic and grassy taste, which is appreciated in the types of jade oolong teas. “Flower Goddess” oolong tea is a wonderful fragrance of spring flowers that stimulates the senses. This tea brings you to a sunny meadow strewn with flowers and the scent of mowed grass with each sip.


Season: 2021
Type: Oolong
Style: Tie Guan Yin
Origin: Quanzhou, Anxi, Fujian, China

Brewing in Tea Pot 250 ml:

Amount: 3 g

Temperature: 95-99°C

Brewing time: 2 min
(increase every next stepping time for 1 min)

Brewing in Gaiwan 100 ml:

Amount: 6 g

Temperature: 95-99°C

Brewing time: 30 s
(increase every next stepping time for 15 s)

1 review for Flower Goddess Oolong Tea

  1. pao

    Od tej herbaty zaczęła się znajomość z tym miejscem i zdecydowanie jest to wspaniała równowaga smakow. Zaskakuje tym jak bardzo jest wyważona bo mimo intensywnosci jest też wyjątkowo subtelna. Bogata choć nie eksponuje tego. Naprawdę każdy łyk zachwyca a aromat urzeka

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