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Produced using traditional methods without artificial fertilizers. As you like it:

We run our business believing that small family tea plantations can continue their craft with a smile on their face. Knowledge about tea production is passed down over generations, allowing them to create these works of art with precision and respect for the environment.

We created a community where teas are produced with passion and love for other people. Our teas do not require certificates that prove their naturalness – free-range animals, people celebrating life, and wild-growing tea bushes on the slopes of the mountains are the guidelines that demonstrate their environmental friendliness.

mistrzowie herbaty

Tea Master instead of machinery

Like Chinese Tea Masters, we adhere to living in harmony with nature. That is why we sell teas supervised by masters in their local tea gardens.

Tea Accessories

Brewing tea is a ritual that allows you to calm down and meditate. Here are the most popular accessories:

This is a perfect time to build interpersonal relationships. Pouring brewed tea into cups and sharing it with others is the essential part of the Gong Fu Cha ritual – the method of tea brewing. Gaiwan of Tea is not only about tea but also teaware that will allow you to celebrate these special moments while brewing. Let yourself be invited to the magical world and get to know the taste of natural tea brewed in small cups!

gong fu cha rytual z akcesoriami

Gong Fu Cha Ritual

This is a Chinese method of ritual tea brewing using gaiwan (or similar small vessels), small cups and a jug. Such brewing reveals the beauty of the tea through sequences of short 'layers' brewing. Each time the tea is brewed in this way, it will have a unique flavour profile that differs from each other.

Natural Tisanes from our garden

Hand-picked and created by our mother, Marysia. Find out about the most frequently chosen blends:

In our store, you will also find homemade herbal infusions. Our mother, Marysia, created blends and hand-picked herbs in her garden. Carefully composed can be a natural remedy for various ailments and a great alternative for decaffeinated infusions.

ziolowe mieszanki lecznicze

Good for your taste buds, good for your health

Our mum’s passion for herbal medicine inspired our selection of Tisanes. Naturally delicious, wild and created with love, you will enjoy the unique taste and be filled with good energy.

Behind the products

Our passion for tea is not limited to selling tea leaves

Our life philosophy and the Gaiwan of Tea brand are based on respect for man and nature. We follow these values in everything we do. We are fascinated by sustainable and eco-friendly living. Get to know us and learn about teas and herbs by reading the blog or meeting us at workshops:

poznajmy sie

Get to know us

Who is brewing this tea? Let's meet Dominik and the team!